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Welcome to Saffron Shanghai

Established in 2012, Saffron Shanghai is a multi-award-winning modern Indian restaurant located in the Former French Concession in the heart of Shanghai. It offers an oasis within the busy Hengshan Road area. The restaurant's beautiful Indian design is traditional yet modern. The decor is comfortable and soothing, combining classical Indian touches with modern Indian interior design concepts.

Saffron Shanghai's British head chef and Indian chefs have created a menu at Saffron which is composed of traditional refined Indian cuisine as well as modern innovative Indian cusine. The modern aspects apply Indian flavours to Western and international cooking concepts.

At Saffron Shanghai, the chefs use very little ghee (Indian Crisco), an unhealthy ingredient which is typically used too much in most Indian restaurants. Ghee often makes people feel bloated after eating Indian food. Thus, Saffron's Indian cuisine is lighter and healthier than normal Indian food.



Saffron Shanghai offers classical Indian dishes, such as Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Tandoori and Nan Bread. And modern Indian dishes, such as Pumpkin Curry, Indian Scotch Eggs, Saffron Specialty Salad with Tamarind and Coriander and Tandoori Salmon.

Saffron Shanghai's desserts are very special, not at all the typical Indian desserts which are too sweet and most people avoid. Saffron Shanghai has several specialty desserts such as the Cardamom Rice Pudding Brule and the Fried Kulfi (Indian Ice Cream) in Ginger-Chocolate Sauce.

Saffron Shanghai also offers a range of Indian drinks, which includes specialty Indian cocktails.

We hope you will enjoy your experience at Saffron Shanghai and that you will see why Saffron Shanghai was selected as Shanghai's "Best Indian Restaurant" in 2013 at the City Weekend Readers' Choice Awards and "Best Indian Restaurant 2013" by That's Shanghai.

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Saffron Shanghai
21 Dongping Road (by Wulumuqi Road)
Shanghai 200031 China

  Tel: (021) 6468-3081